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Funda October 18, 2004 03:37

Tecplot ( moving mesh) & streamlines with Star-CD
Hi everybody, I try to export results to tecplot from a moving mesh pstt file but Star-CD gives following error and close down:

/usr/local/bin/prostar: line 102: 32708 Segmentation fault ${STARDIR}/bin/pro-${PRODR} ${CMAP} ${BATCH} ${EZTOOL}

When reading the pstt file with no Moving Mesh option, there is no problem. Does anybody now, if there is a bug or not of Star-CD? How to export the moving mesh data to tecplot? I think there may be a memory problem but I do not know how to increase the memory that it uses when processing.

I also want to ask if there is a way to draw streamlines with Star-CD?


tomosada October 18, 2004 20:55

Re: Tecplot ( moving mesh) & streamlines with Star
I think this is because the PSTT file too big. You have to split the pstt when slover process.

You can also change the param.prp file to match the mesh size.

When you import file to tecplot, data will be seprate in to serveral zone with the time.

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