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Arnab October 23, 2004 02:07

Questions on Analysis Controls and Runtime Control
Hello Everyone,

I have some doubts regarding Analysis controls and Run time controls. They are :

1. Why do we have to select tansient tab under analysis output in analysis controls to state that the problem is transient when we have already defined the problem to be transient at the first stage of modelling in navigation window's topmost button. Wont defining once will make it sufficient??

2. what does the frequency of writing data to the transient post file by typing 0.001 in the write data every box mean??

3. what is the work of run time controls? what is the difference between analysis controls and run time controls?

4. in run time controls box, what does ' run for' box mean? and what does 'time step for period' box mean??

Any explanation with these questions will be appreciated..

Thanks and Regards,


alex October 26, 2004 09:47

Re: Questions on Analysis Controls and Runtime Con
1. because you are defining two different types of output. The transient bit refers to output which is specific to transient calculations, such as outputting values to file at many different time steps (.pstt file), whereas the steady bit refers to the .pst file.

For the rest, if you hit the "Help" button at the top of each STARGUIde page it will give you a break down of each box in the panel and details what it means.

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