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AB October 23, 2004 02:13

Moving Mesh & Not Rotating Mesh
Is there any other material or example or tutorial or any related matter for Moving Mesh apart from 'tut 11.1 ' as I am doing a moving mesh problem, and not rotating mesh problem , so I need as many materials and stuff for doing my moving mesh problem.

Also I need all these for writing the events file and change grid file and so if some one has any info then pass it on to me..

Also I might need some help in checking my files later and so all the help will be appreciated.

4xF October 25, 2004 03:10

Re: Moving Mesh & Not Rotating Mesh
If you really need very advanced moving mesh modelling, I would recommend you to call your support office and have a one day training course with them. Thus, it will save you time and they will help you solve your problem.

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