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thomas October 23, 2004 09:16

run star-applications in batch mode
Hi all,

I have seen alot system calls for running star-application in the batch mode, but did not really get it! Is there any documentation for the call of star-applications (prostar & proam) under windows? I am working on winXP with Star-CD V3.150A!

At the end everything my program should do, is to start a special .mdl-file "casename" and run a script "my_commands.inp".

The main problem: by calling anyhing starting with "prostar", I am ending up in the standard Start-GUI "enter casename ..." .

Thanks for all helping hints, thomas

staruser October 24, 2004 05:23

Re: run star-applications in batch mode
When you call "prostar", a batch file ($STARDIR/bin/prostar.bat) is called. In order to run the x-version (no window), you have to start pro-x (should be in your path just like prostar). The first three lines in your input file needs to contain "answers" to case name, append to echo file and resume from. An input file to create a simple 3d mesh with the vc3d command could look like this:

star1 y y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! beginning of prostar commands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vc3d,0,5,25,0,1,5,0,1,5 save,,

To start pro-x with this input you should enter:

pro-x < input

where the file input has the contense above. If you want to execute a macro, you can replace the lines vc3d and save with e.g.

ifile macroname.MAC

alex October 26, 2004 04:29

Re: run star-applications in batch mode
small tip, don't call pro-x direct, call prostar x (or prostar -bat). calling pro-x directly doesn't always work (prostar points out the location of various files that pro-x needs).

thomas October 27, 2004 06:25

Re: run star-applications in batch mode
Hey Alex!

The problem is that I am ending up in the star-GUI if I start the commandline with "prostar". It doesn't matter what is written behind. I would guess it is a windows problem!?

But thanks anyway, I will keep on trying! thomas

thomas October 27, 2004 06:54

Re: run star-applications in batch mode
Thanks staruser,

it looks like I am getting closer.

The commands you have posted are working fine if I run them in the pdksh-environment. Starting them from the windows command-line still does not work. This time it is asking for casename etc. in the text-mode. So it looks like I have to call pro-x through this pdksh-environment, but don't know how to enter the commandline after the shell was opened. Any ideas?

cheers, thomas

sachuthananthan November 9, 2004 08:02

Re: run star-applications in batch mode
whether is it advisable to use the GUI mode or the command mode to get more familiar with the star CD.Please advise me.

thomas November 14, 2004 10:19

Re: run star-applications in batch mode

use the GUI-mode to get familiar with star CD. All commands you are using (also with your mouse) are recorded in the .echo-file and will be shown at the bottom of the output-window. if you are familiar with the commands it makes sense to work with the command line in the GUI-environment. The batch-mode only makes sense if you want to run your scripts without any visual out or input.

good luck, thomas

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