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AB October 27, 2004 17:50

Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
Hello All,

How can we export or transfer a model from star design to star-CD/prostar? Do we need to mesh or grid the model in star design before we export it or we can mesh it later in prostar after we have imported frm star design.

Thanks in advance,


4xF October 28, 2004 06:01

Re: Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
a) You have to mesh the model in STAR-Design b) You have to start a run with 0 iterations, so that the model file is written. Use an additional input file containing the pro-Star command: ITER,0

Jörn Beilke October 28, 2004 06:42

Re: Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
It is also possible to export the geometrie in *.ezs Format and do the surface meshing in pro-surf.

Leo October 28, 2004 08:18

Re: Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
If you have a newer version of STAR-Design, you don't need to run for one iteration. Once you have a volume mesh you can choose "Solver preprocessing" from the Solver menu.

thomas October 28, 2004 12:11

Re: Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
in StarDesign (expert modus):


solve,postprocess !by this command .dbs-file will be saved in the stardesign-directory

in Pro-AM:

dbase,open fromStarDesign.dbs ! open .dbs-file


AB October 28, 2004 13:21

Re: Star Design to Star-CD(Prostar)
Thanks a lot for all the tips and tricks for exporting file from star design to star-CD (prostar) but when I follow all the methods, I am getting this error all the time... what is the reason for this, though I am able to export simple models but not my own model which comes up with this error..

ammbatch30421.exe- Application error

the instruction at "0x00739c29" referenced memory at "0x09248ea8". the memory could not be "read".

click on OK to terminate the program

click on CANCEL to debug the program

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