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AB October 27, 2004 16:54

Cell check and Boundary check errors

I made a model and when I did cell check for illegal or bad cells and also when i did boundary check , these are the errors I got and because of this I am not able to write geometry file or problem file.

Can some one tell me how to get rid of these errors and in general how to get rid of the errors in cells and boundaries??

The errors are :

1. During cell check: check for illegal or bad cells:

error 74 - there are cracks in the model - # 1152 times

2. Boundary check :

error 97 - boundaries are not found on the exterior of the model- # 790 times

error 149 - error in boundary - # 1 time

error 0 - Misc. error - # 2 times

3. Monitoring cell for a fluid material is not a fluid



Tom October 27, 2004 19:54

Re: Cell check and Boundary check errors
1 - cracks in the model indicate that there are cells that are not attached. Use the check tool to check for cracks. The check tool will put them in a cset so that you can plot them and take a look. I normally make mine a different cell type so I don't have to check the entire model to see if I have fixed them. There are various tricks to fixing cracks that include merging the vertices and trying to make some into couples. However, 1152 seems like an excessive amount and you may want to consider remeshing. 2 - for the boundary errors, somehow you did not click on an exterior surface. Delete that boundary and try again

AB October 27, 2004 21:46

Re: Cell check and Boundary check errors

Thanks for the help. I will try according to your tips and see whether it works or not. I will come back to you if I need any more clarification.

Thanks a lot,


Brian October 28, 2004 01:39

Re: Cell check and Boundary check errors
The only problem there that will actually stop the writing of .prob and .geom files is number 3 - make sure that the monitoring cell is actually part of the fluid domain, and not a shell or solid cell.

Tom October 28, 2004 13:04

Re: Cell check and Boundary check errors
The first time I called tech support because I had cracks in my model I was told," Then don't check for cracks." Sounds like a bad joke doesn't it. A few cracks in the model probably doesn't matter, but if I had 1100 cracks, I would be concerned about the results. Tom

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