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AB November 8, 2004 22:55

Shock tube problem
Hello All,

Does anyone have any shock tube or shock wave problem done in star-CD or star-design? I need a simple shock tube problem done in star-CD to see how it is done for futher complicated work.

It will be helpful also if someone can tell me if there is any tutorial or any article where a simple shock tube or shock wave problem is done.

Also i want to know what does it mean by "monitoring cell data" and monitoring pressure data wherein we give a cell number either by keyboard or by clicking with mouse.

Nothing is written abt it in userguide so I am confused on that matter.

will be waiting for emails to my queries.

my email is



AB November 9, 2004 01:25

Re: Shock tube problem
I am sure many have done simple shock tube problem and I need some guidance , method as to how to go about doing this problem in star-CD so that I can then do it myself and vary parameters accordingly.

Like what kind of mesh and grid, what kind of BCs, what kind of time steps and what other data needed.



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