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Chris P November 15, 2004 11:31

Adding layer to cyclic boundary

I am relatively new to STAR-CD so I am assuming this should be an easy question to answer and I'm providing as much info. as I can.

I had an original model and then extruded a layer of cells on top and had no problems redefining the cyclic boundaries. However, when I go back and extrude another layer, I am unable to get the cyclic boundaries to include this new layer. The process I used previously is simply: delete two cyclic boundary regions, redefine each cyclic boundary region based on edges, match, etc. No problems.

Now, when I try to delete the region, I get the error: **NOTE - REGION NUMBER 8 HAS BOUNDARIES REFERENCED TO IT


I can delete the boundaries from the boundary list and then redefine the region, but it still won't capture the top layer.

Thanks, Chris

Chris P November 15, 2004 12:28

Re: Adding layer to cyclic boundary
to clarify, I am deleting all boundaries in the region.

Samir November 15, 2004 20:10

Re: Adding layer to cyclic boundary
I used to get a similar error. In my case it was because i used to select a boundary cell or face twice. Check your boundary conditions using the given command.

Chris P November 15, 2004 22:17

Re: Adding layer to cyclic boundary
Thank you very much. I have resolved the problem. It ultimately had to do with choosing a vertex set based on cell set edges. This was somehow picking up an extra level of vertices, thereby causing the boundary to not extend upward fully. I found a work-around that issue and hopefully it won't happen again.


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