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Tony Campbell November 15, 2004 17:31

ploting surface elevation
Hi guys, Can this be done in Comet? i have a 3d wave tank and i am trying to get data in order to plot the water surface elevation (z -direction) along the length of tank (x-direction) at different locations at different time steps. the plot will essentially be 2D (z vs. x), so, if i can figure out how to do this for one time step then i could get same data for other time steps in order to do the plot.i see the captured surface through the plfi sp1 but is there any way i can get the actual data for this interface with respect to location?

thanks for your help.

4xF November 16, 2004 13:38

Re: ploting surface elevation
You should: 1) use the CLEV command and use 2 contour levels 2) use the COMO command and use the DUMP option 3) Draw the isosurface of Sp1=0.5

Hope this helps....

Tony Campbell November 19, 2004 17:36

Re: ploting surface elevation
Thanks for the info. from the commands you proposed, it appears this method can be carried out in post processing manually for each time step. i was wondering if there is a way of collecting the data during processing?

also the file format that the dump option of COMO gave was not suitable for plotting. actually it did not dump to the file i specified; rather i saw a file by name "%" with some numbers in it. i guess those numbers are x,y,z coordinates of the free surface but the file was not plottable so i could not check.

thanks in advance for further comments on this.

4xF November 26, 2004 13:23

Re: ploting surface elevation
The como command is the only one suitbale for this, believe me. What you dump out are contour levels.If you make a section, I am pretty sure you sould obtain the free-surface level as a cloud of points you will have to reorder, for example by sorting on one coordinate.

Have fun...

Tony Campbell November 30, 2004 21:48

Re: ploting surface elevation
thanks. i'll give it another shot.

rollie kimbrough January 29, 2005 17:09

Re: ploting surface elevation
what are the techniques for obtaining surface contour lines, is there some type of hand held instrument?

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