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Anna (aka new-user) November 18, 2004 05:31

view rotation in provis

I am using provis to prepare the pictures for the report of my prostar models. I've loaded it in -expert mode and now I am fighting with the view direction to have my model in the same position on all the pictures (and what is worse - the position I want), and of course the problem is, that the top of my model in prostar is diffrent (I mean the axes orientation), so now it is being loaded upside-down and I was trying to manipulate it with the view command combined with the angle command, but I am getting crazy, because it seems to be dependent of the previous view setting (and not writing all the operations to the echo file)...

I'd like to have the isometric wiev with the z axis to the top (in prostar you just say 'axis z' and it keeps it in mind)... so the command view 1 1 1, does not give me the view I wanted... I was trying to rotate it with the angle command... but I cannot decipher the axis around which it is being rotated at the moment...

do you have maybe the manual with the commands to the provis? because I am now using only what I can find in my echo file...


A bit dizzy


ping November 18, 2004 22:10

Re: view rotation in provis
The xy triad and screen angle widgets in the top right of the screen satify most needs - alway reset both using the square button on the bottom right of the xy triad and base of the angle widget.

Then start rotating - the widget arrows rotate exactly 15 degrees and clicking in the space between the arrow and slide rotate 30 deg - so you can easily reproduce any view. (pro-STAR have these features too)

Otherwise: In expert mode (stardesign -- expert from a DOS or shell window) allows the view and angle commands

view .3 .4 .1

angle 23

Sometimes this requires the command

tool command cometcad

in provis to activate it - don't know why?

Just need to experiment to get the correct view - don;t forget to inspect the triad x,y,z positions because this will help.

Have not seen a command manual - learn from the Procad.echo file history or the --expert mode history.

Anna (aka new-user) November 19, 2004 07:11

Re: view rotation in provis

About the triad scroll in provis: have you ever had the 'real-time-spontanious-buggy-non-stoppable' animation of your model? you just click on the arrow and it starts rotating....

I will test this expert mode...



Jamie November 19, 2004 09:45

Re: view rotation in provis
if the rotation won't stop, minimize the provis window and then maximize again.

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