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Alex November 20, 2004 13:42

Star-CD v.3.22 and Absoft compiler
Hello everyone! When you use Star-Cd ver. 3.22 with user subroutines on WIN XP platform, only Absoft compiler v. 8.2 does work? I have Absoft v. 7.0 installed and when I try to run a problem, the following message occurs:

PNP: compiling /C/Absoft70/bin/f77 -O2 -f -v -N3 -N26 -N25 -Q101 !Q19 -c droico.f -o windows-x86-absoft_8.2a-dso/dp/droico.obj PNP: PNP: Error: bad option: -O2 PNP: ***ERROR*** Compilation error in user file "ufile/droico.f

So do I have to upgrade to v. 8.2 or are there any other possibilities?

Thx in advance, Alex

F.K. November 21, 2004 05:44

Re: Star-CD v.3.22 and Absoft compiler
Absoft 7.0 is by far to old also for star version 3.15 You have to use the folowing fortran levels:

star version 3.15 fortran 7.5 patched twice star version 3.22 fortran 8.2 (recommended) but 8.0 works also


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