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AB November 21, 2004 19:43

shock tube validation

I have done a shock tube analysis and I need to validate it. Can some one tell me how to validate my results with analytical results or from the shock tables.

What all variables do I need to check for validation and what pressures should I look for.

I have some idea and I need some other tips from u to extend it.

Regarding validating shock tube, I would just go to the normal shock tables in which property ratios are tabulated as a function of Mach number.

Find total pressure ratio on the table and see what M1, M2, T2/T1, etc. that corresponds to.

For example, for Pt2/Pt1=0.4990, M1=2.50, M2=0.5130, T2/T1=2.137, Ps2/Ps1=7.125, and D2/D1=V1/V2=3.333 (D=density). V1 = M1*sqrt(gam*Rgas*T1) V2 = V1 / (V1/V2) shock speed = V1 - V2

But I have given a pressure and temp to one side of a tube and different pressure and temp to other side . what scalar data should I look for in my results ??

Can someone help me!!!



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