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MG November 23, 2004 18:41

Particle tracks stop?
Hi, I computed the steady-state simulation. When I plotted the particle tracks, some particles exited the domain, but some particles stopped(there is a vortex) without exiting the domain. I increased the stop time, but it did not help. Does anyone know a solution ? Thanks in advance.


samir November 23, 2004 20:39

Re: Particle tracks stop?
What is your geometry?. if the particles stay in the geometry then they will be counted as the particle deposition occuring due to various mechanisms.

Richard November 24, 2004 04:07

Re: Particle tracks stop?
If a particle is within a steady recirculation bubble, maybe it will never leave the domain.

pp November 24, 2004 07:43

Re: Particle tracks stop?
It could be problem with wall impingment settings if particles stop near the wall. Recently, I set option of wall impingement as user and I used wrong subroutine and some of particles stayed in the domain.

MG November 24, 2004 12:34

Re: Particle tracks stop?
Some particles(group A) travelled faster,not closed to vortex, and exited the domain. Particles who follow the vortex (group B), they were slower. When group A exited the domain, group B stop automatically at the outer edge of the vortex. I tried to removed group A and plotted group B only,but it remained the same. Thanks to everyone who responded to me.


aa November 25, 2004 18:24

Re: Particle tracks stop?
There is a limit on the track file size, check whether your simulation has exceeded that limit.

Richard November 26, 2004 04:01

Re: Particle tracks stop?
There's also a limit on the time for which particles are tracked in stead-state analyses. I think the default is quite large though.

MG December 3, 2004 12:01

Re: Particle tracks stop?
Thank you.. I used tecplot, and it works perfectly!

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