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Cb November 29, 2004 12:33

Errors importing Gambit .neu files to Star v3.15
Hello Everyone

Ive been trying unsuccessfully to import gambit meshes to Star-CD v3.15. I have been using the gambit,filename.neu command, but no matter which mesh I try to open I always get an "Error 250 - error reading file" message. I can then plot the model but If I do a check all the cells fail the centroid check, and it tells me that they are all overlapping. Some of my models have surface failures as well.

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

Samir November 29, 2004 13:39

Re: Errors importing Gambit .neu files to Star v3.
I have been going through the same. I changed the memory values for certain variables. The mesh runs for me but there is a vertex error"REPL". If your mesh is simple to contruct, try to delete the cells, then plot the vertices, check for overlapping and make a new mesh. I guess this should work.

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