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CMB December 7, 2004 06:09

non-convective terms

suppose that you have two materials, one of which you are not interested in solving the convective terms of the N.S. equations. The question is how do you set star not to solve for this terms in only one of the two materials.

If you were only to solve for the material that doesn't need any convective terms you would switch off the flow variables and the fluid properties from the equation status tab in the equation beahaviour folder of the GUI. But what if, you have two materials, one of which suppose to solve for all of these?

With regards CM

Volker December 7, 2004 08:11

Re: non-convective terms
Try defining it as a solid.

CMB December 7, 2004 11:20

Re: non-convective terms
Hi thanks for replying, it is true, it makes a lot of sence although I can't do it for this particular case, am afraid. You see I am injecting some fluid in to it (via u.subroutines), as bizarre as it seems, I am trying to measure potential and potential losses. The problem is that voltage distributes as a laplacian, which is why I don't need the convective terms. And it is not possible to meassure this sort of distribution in a solid plate (at least not that I know).

Richard December 7, 2004 15:24

Re: non-convective terms
Do you mean "no convection" or "no velocity"? If it's the latter you could use sormom to impose zero velocity where you need it. I don't think you can selectively deactivate convection though - it's all or nothing.

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