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Sheila December 13, 2004 18:56

Momentum thickness Reynolds number

does anyone has any coding on calculating the mometum thickness of boundary layer? I would be extrmemly grateful if you can forward me a copy, or give me some suggestion.

Best regards, Sheila

Sheila December 17, 2004 20:59

Re: Momentum thickness Reynolds number
Ok, I dont know if no one knows or no one will tell, but for those who are as desperate as I was, try the following link. It includes links to MATLAB programs to calculate the boundary layer integral parameters in a program called PABLO.

gmwsy December 21, 2009 14:25

thank you
Thank you very much!;)
But there seems to exist a software called CEI. You can refer to the following url::)


Parth04 September 15, 2014 01:56

thnq vry much

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