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Jihwan December 31, 2004 00:15

DHCP, Cluster computing, Parallel processing ?
Dear all

The new building I recently moved in provides automatic assignment of TCP/IP address using DHCP server. I am planning to build cluster computing consists of 4 nodes and run parallel version of STAR-CD 3.22. Do you think there is no problem in doing this?

steve January 2, 2005 18:32

Re: DHCP, Cluster computing, Parallel processing ?
The key is that each node MUST be able to find its neighbors by name or tcp number. Either the DHCP server must keep track of each node by name and allow processes to connect to each node by name. It is possible to substitute IP number instead of names, but then you must know them all in advance and make sure that any time they change, you will have to update the data the hardware.ini file. In short, it is possible, but you may have extra work on your hands if the assigned numbers change constantly.

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