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Jihwan January 7, 2005 01:18

How to change FLexlm Host ID

My workstation has two ethernet device (eth0, eth1). Some days ago, my workstation accidently shut down. Later I found that License manager does not run because Flexlm host ID has been changed. At this moment physical address of wrong ethernet device (eth0) is assigned as the host ID. (It can be checked with "lmhostid" command) My license file was written with physical address of eth1. Can you let me know how to change Flexlm ID to correct eth1? Thanks in advance.

Brian January 7, 2005 02:07

Re: How to change FLexlm Host ID
The only thing you can do is request a licence migration, unfortunately. That's the big problem with FlexLM, it's not very intelligent.

Jihwan January 9, 2005 21:56

Re: How to change FLexlm Host ID
I guess this may be fixed if I can change primary netwok device from eth0 to eth1 in Linux. Am I right? If so, can you help me change this in SUSE Linux?

Brian January 10, 2005 15:32

Re: How to change FLexlm Host ID
Not a clue, sorry. Linux not my forte.

HVN January 11, 2005 04:14

Re: How to change FLexlm Host ID

As Brian suggested you, you need to contact a cd office in order to change your license file.


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