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Habib January 11, 2005 05:20

Droplet track coded file
Hi I did export the ascii of the droplet track file of transient spray and I looked at the file and the order of the column seem to be as follows N, x, y , x, u , v , w , etc. anyway , The first colums seems to represtnet the parcel no. In the middle of the file I found some parcels have negative parcel no. how ?? and its number is the same as the previous one in magnitude but with negative sign while the value of velocity, diameter and all others are exactly the same. I do not know why ?. that is my question? I appreciate your suggestion.

Richard January 11, 2005 09:00

Re: Droplet track coded file
The negative index is used to mark the end of the track.

Habib January 11, 2005 22:04

Re: Droplet track coded file
Thank you for your reply, I am trying to figure out how the rows of the file are organized but I could not understand. I know whatthe columns of file are. The first column which suppose to be the parcel no is not systematically organizd.

I have 64 parcel each time step. so I am expecting that 64 rows from 1....64 and then the next row should start again from 1 to 128....and so on.

what I see in my file is that some parcels disappeared and then appeared again in the later times. and also that negative values of the parcel no. Which I do not think it represents the of the track because then this parcel should not appear again.

no problems at all when viewing the spray in prostar and the track file in starSD menue looks fine.

Anyone know how can I export the droplet track file as I see it in star CD menue

Thank you

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