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walid January 12, 2005 12:26

moving mesh problem
I have a moving mesh for SI engine. When I resume the moving mesh in es-ice, I do a "create ice template" but in the es-ice window I have this response: "The file 'valve0x.dat' is not readable, so the temporary file 'filename' has been created from its saved image. "(x=1,4)" After that, when I create the star setup (Ice template, star) I have the following warning: "63 vertices will be held fixed or will be translated with the piston". But still, it creates the "es-ice.PNL" The problem is in prostar, it cannot compile the model. Even if I run the model without calculation, that is, even if I just run the mesh using the adequate switch (in the menu "switches and real constants") I still have this problem. What can I do to resolve this problem? Could the problem be originating from the error explained above? (The file 'valve0x.dat' is not readable) And if so, how to rebuild them? For information, I create the star setup for the prostar version 3.2 my own version is 3.22 Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards.

Gudrun January 15, 2005 19:59

Re: moving mesh problem
I'd say that you, as a first try, should make shure that you have your valve01-04 files available in the running directory, as these describe the valve motion, and thus are essential for the mesh movement.

The valve-files are simply 2 columns of crank angle and lift for each pair of valves, so you shouldn't have a problem "rebuilding" them as long as you have info about the cam.

narendra kumar m January 17, 2005 05:27

StarCD tutorials

Wendy Tjia February 10, 2005 09:55

moving mesh problem
Dear walid,

Could I make a correspondence with you personally furthermore? Please let me know if you do not mind regarding my need to make a discussion with you.


Wendy Tjia

kapil March 8, 2005 15:20

Re: StarCD tutorials
Can u plz send me the star cd tutorial pdf file or ny other readable format i would be very grateful to you ! kapil

narendra March 9, 2005 00:37

Re: prePDF in fluent
i am modeling comustion problem but facing problem with prePDF in fluent i dont know how to prepare prePDF plz can u help how to prepare prePDF and how to input in to fluent

jair meza April 1, 2005 17:31

Re: prePDF in fluent
can u help how to prepare prePDF and how to input in to fluent.

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