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Esti January 13, 2005 07:50

About reacfn.f and sorent.f subroutines
Hi there, all.

I'm trying to simulate some chemical reactions, and to define the reaction rates I have to use the reacfn.f subroutine.

The manual says that in case reaction rates are introduced through user subroutines, appropriate source terms have to be included also for the enthalpy equation.

I assume I have to use the sorent.f subroutine. What are these source terms? Imagine I'm talking about CH4 oxidation. Do I have to define via sorent.f the enthalpy(heat)of formation of the reaction, DH=-800kJ/mol? I don't understand, please help!!!

Cheers, Esti

Mike January 18, 2005 11:29

Re: About reacfn.f and sorent.f subroutines
Esti, I've done this previously using reacfn.f and you needn't use sorent to add an enthalpy source. I've done this with thermal enthalpy but it should work with thermo-chemical enthalpy also.

You probably would need to use sorent if you defined the reactions using sorsca with thermal enthalpy (but maybe not if you used sorsca with thermo-chemical enthalpy), but using reacfn will allow Star to compute all the scalar and enthalpy sources.


Esti January 20, 2005 10:28

Re: About reacfn.f and sorent.f subroutines
Hi there Mike, thanks for your answer. I contacted the technical support and I was told that I really need to use sorent.f subroutine... I'm checking results using both options, so I'll let you know!!


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