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Ted Crilly January 14, 2005 08:34

output image quality
hi there, star-cd users,

i'm using star 3.22 in win xp environment, and looking to output some vector sectional plots at high resolution,

in pro-star i can go to utility save screen as and choose:

gif ps eps format files, but the quality is not very good,

when i zoom up in my image the vector arrows are blurred and not clearly defined, is there a way i can create a higher resolution image.

thanks for any help offered



Brian January 14, 2005 16:33

Re: output image quality
Use the Postscript (eps) output. It's vector based and should be able to zoom in pretty far.

But you'll need a Postscript viewer to view and print them - Google for Ghostscript for a free one.

However, a better way is to create your plots using the TERM,,FILE method. This creates a neutral plot file, and you can create .gif files from that at any resolution you want.

Ted Crilly January 17, 2005 07:10

Re: output image quality
thanks brian,

i was able to plot to file, creating a .plot file, and open this file up in motif neutral plot, plot xm in utilities and print a ps file in high quality,

thanks for the help



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