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Narmin B Hushmandi January 18, 2005 06:26

How to divide the transient Solution file
Hello Everyone,

I am doing transient simulations and the number of my cells are about 400'000, always after 68 iterations the calculations are stopped and the error message is that the size of the file is exceeded, is there any possiblity to divide the transient solution file and save it in different files while running the analysis or is it possible to increase the allowable size of the transient solution file?


pavan January 18, 2005 10:03

Re: How to divide the transient Solution file
No matter how many cells you have in your model, the simulation must work.becos i am working with more than yours but my model is still working for 60000 iterations.It may be something wrong with your parameters.Please check it once again the total perameters.

Brian January 18, 2005 10:49

Re: How to divide the transient Solution file
How fast that file grows depends absolutely on what you choose to save in it and how often. Even a small mesh will give you a very big file very quickly if you save every variable every iteration.

In most cases, files are not allowed to get bigger than 2GB - I am pretty sure that you are hitting this limit. Reduce the number of variables saved, if possible, and most definitely the frequency, and you should be fine.

Anton Lyaskin January 19, 2005 01:50

Re: How to divide the transient Solution file
I can't figure out now the way you can automate it, but doing by hand you can run simulation for say 60 timesteps, rename your case.pstt file to case1.pstt, make a standart restart for another 60 timesteps, rename to case2.pstt and etc. For postprocessing you can load all those files specifying their names in the list (it's pretty straightforward when you come to this stage).

Jörn Beilke January 19, 2005 09:00

Re: How to divide the transient Solution file
it should be possible to use the posdat.f for this purpose. It might work like this:

if level eq 1
if ITER modulo number_of_steps == 0
system (mv .....)

You somehow have to dynamically create the name of the file to prevent overwriting.

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