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piyush January 19, 2005 00:35

Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
We need to perform the cooling analysis under transient conditions for brake drum (initially at 600 Deg). We are using Arbitrary sliding mesh, where we have divided Air (initially at 20 Deg) surrounding the brake into two zones - Fluid1 which is adjacent to the brake and Fluid 2 is the outside zone. We have tried to solve the problem but the solution diverges after few time steps. We would like to know if star-CD is capable of solving the problem or not.

4xF January 26, 2005 13:30

Re: Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
STAR-CD can solve the problem. For example, Daimler-Chrysler is solving this kind of problem for years.

Palanivel February 7, 2005 01:14

Re: Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
Hello Sir/Madem

I am doing project in brake drum.title is RRANSIENT THERMAL ANALYSIS IN BRAKE DRUM.Please give me some hints regarding that.what is the equations used to find the tempratures in steady state conditions and transient conditions.

sadhis narayanan February 15, 2005 00:35

Re: Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
hello sir,

i am also doing project in brake drum. plz tell your details and explan ur project

mail me sadhis

viswanatha. bm February 21, 2005 06:18

Re: Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
i want detail thrmal analysis of a bake drum

Vinod February 21, 2005 21:16

Re: Transient Cooling of Brake Drum
Dear Piyush,

Even I am working on the brake drum cooling problem. I am using FLUENT, with the similar approach I tried to solve the problem..but after 15 timesteps(with 0.01 sec time step), the problem was blowing off. I came to know later that after few radians of rotation, it was creating negative volume and hence it was diverging. It is always suggested to run grid motion before you solve it. If your grid motion is successful for one complete rotation you are through with it. Since i dont have much time to remesh and redo it, i am solving it by multiple reference frame option. It is giving reasonably good results. But for this you need hook source term UDFs in fluent. I am sorry i dont have exposure to star CD



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