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cm February 3, 2005 11:50

resize GUI

I would like to know how to resize Star's GUI, I cannot see the bottom part, or how to move the GUI window when the mouse arrow scroll down. On my previous computer (bigger screen) I had no problems but in a laptop things are different.

Thanks CM

Stephane bone February 3, 2005 12:07

Re: resize GUI
You have to locate the mouse to the side of the Star's GUI. Then click on the right button of the mouse. Choose Size and you can resize the window.

You can also use Alt+F8


cm February 3, 2005 13:04

Re: resize GUI

Thanks, I have tried that one but unfortunately it only resizes sidewards, I mean what I need is to see the bottom part of the GUI. Do you know how to change this settings in a Linux environment?

thanks CM

steve February 4, 2005 00:10

Re: resize GUI
pro-STAR pretty much requires a screen with a min resolution of 1280x1024. If you have less, you need to create a larger virtual screen and then scroll the screen up and down to see the entire GUI.

4xF February 4, 2005 06:00

Re: resize GUI
BTW, the minimal GUI size (working with a min resolution of 1280x1024) is hardwired. So you won't come around without steve's solution.

Anton Lyaskin February 7, 2005 05:28

Re: resize GUI
Actualy minimum acceptable resolution, when all GUI fits in the screen is 1152x864

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