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Arnab February 3, 2005 22:16


I have some doubts. They are:

1. What is the convergence criterion for Unsteady Transient flows? For steady flows we have residuals but what should I check for unsteady flow convergence? Is there any article or chapter in Star-CD to read and understand completely?

2. what does this warning message mean? I have no idea. Can you explain me?? Again is there any article for me to read and understand abt it completely?

The velocity inlet case gets warnings like the following:


3. I need to do some animation of my pressure scalar plots. How do I do that? I mean, for every stored time step, I plot a pressure plot and save the figure in GIF format or option from utilities. How can I combine all the stored GIF images for all the timesteps and make a animation out of it as I need that to show in my results.

4. If the courant number of the simulation comes to be of range 1E+2 then what is the best thing to do as my case has fine mesh. and the velocity is of range of 500 m/s. geomtery in meteres and time in seconds. Should I keep lowering the time step till I get courant number less than 1??

Thanks in advance,

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