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Bart February 4, 2005 04:07

Post Processing Colours
How do I increase the range of colours in post processing of Star-CD? It seems limited to 20 colours and I am able to use the smooth option, but this still produces visible lines between the colours. Increasing the number of computational cells does nothing as the the coulour spectrum is still limited to 20.

Brian February 4, 2005 06:03

Re: Post Processing Colours
The only way to get more contour colours that I am aware of is to use the openGL driver for Prostar. But it can be tricky getting it to work on a Windows machine, and is generally not worth the headaches.

You can select it from Preferences in the Launcher, if I recall correctly.

If you get it working, you need to issue the command TERM,,EXTE.

Look up the exact syntax, I am not 100% sure of it.

Bart February 4, 2005 10:22

Re: Post Processing Colours
Thanks Brian

I gave it a try, but as you mentioned it is tricky and caused some headaches, so I'll stick to the default settings.

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