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Ted Crilly February 8, 2005 18:58

my pro-am shells
hello there star-cd users

i have a model that has many surfaces in a large domain, i can use pro-am to generate a trimmed mesh with subsurface

however the shells it create on any surface that has a subsurface are created on the inside of the subsurface not the outside.

the outside of the subsurface is the domain boundary, but the inside of the subsurface is the edge of a fluid cell in the subsurface cell set, these shell sets are no use to me

i can use live,surf to create new shell sets on the subsurface OUTER boundary, but this is very tedious and time consuming as i need to delete other layers in the subsurface etc

does any user know of a way to get pro-am to automatically generate shells for the OUTER surface of the subsurface that it generates in its mesh.

any feedback appreciated tia


Ted Crilly February 10, 2005 18:51

Re: my pro-am shells
i found out that the shells are added to my main fluid domain, not the subsurface domain,

there is a button in pro-am to add shells in the mesh generation stage, but not for subsurface generation,


Gudrun February 12, 2005 18:24

Re: my pro-am shells
Have you tried the "flip shel orientation" functionality in the advanced parameters for subsurface generation. This might help (?)

Ted Crilly February 15, 2005 19:21

Re: my pro-am shells
Thanks for the reply Gudrun, i will give it a go and see if it does what i'm looking for, i have noticed this flip shell function in subsurface generation advanced menu but never touched it.



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