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Toni Vainio February 9, 2005 11:08

plotting average mass flow rate
Hi, (1)Please can anyone tell me what the commands that are used for plotting the average mass flow rate through a pipe. I want to make sure that the flow entering the t mixer is the same as the flow exiting the mixer as it seems like one of the scalars (ethanol) is disappearing. (2)Also, I have a three dimensional geometry which I import into star cd pro-surf and then subsequently mesh it with the pro-am mesh wizard. My question is: (a)can I turn this into a 2 dimensional "mesh" by only looking from one direction? (b)within pro-am I am using trimmed mesh (structured)how can I increase the number of cells that are made? Currently I hav tried reducing the surface edge length but this does not seem to alter the number of cells (i.e. I reduced from surface edge length min:15 and max 20 to min 10 and max 15?

Thank you

Cb February 9, 2005 11:29

Re: plotting average mass flow rate

I have only been using Pro*am for a short time, so this may not be correct! But I think the surface edge length may be for generating the surface for the geometry, rather than the cells. If you are using a trimmed mesh, the cell size is dictated by the values entered in the 'generate template' section of the meshing wizard. There you define the cell size at surface (if memory serves me correctly) and by making this number larger or smaller (and changing the multipliers below which dictate the max and min cell sizes) you should be able to generate a finer or coarser mesh.

Hope that helps


Kevin February 9, 2005 22:16

Re: plotting average mass flow rate
Hello Toni,

When I want to get the mass flux on the inlet and outlet, I do the following, you can also make this into a button using a panel.

bset news inlet or bset news type 1

vset news bset

cset news vset face

cset subs fluid

getc flux


summ cset or flux zone

Cb is correct about the cell length,


Somnath February 10, 2005 04:56

Re: plotting average mass flow rate
yes kevin its absolutely right....another option is that after making cells on the boundary by this command; bset news inlet or bset news type 1

vset news bset

cset news vset face

and then u hav to pick up the cells; "post>flux sum>pick cells".

before performing this make sure that the flux has been initialized to zero...u can do this by "post>flux sum>initialize"

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