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rajesh February 17, 2005 03:43

aligning mesh with a co ordinate axis in star cd
hi all

i have imported a mesh into prostar, when i applied boundary condition the mass flow rate direction is not aligned with the mesh.when i give a check prostar is generating errors.

what i feel is i haven't aligned the imported mesh with the co ordinate axis in prostar.

how i can create a co ordinate axis in prostar aligned in some direction.

what are the do's and dont's which i should keep in mind while imporing a mesh and start doing analysis in prostar

Thanks all in advance


Volker February 17, 2005 05:18

Re: aligning mesh with a co ordinate axis in star

To create a coordinate in star, klick on the csys button. In the window that opens up, klick on New. You can now create a local coordinate system by selecting vertices. If you want to set the flow direction on your boundary, set the coordinate system so that one of it's coordinates is aligned with your inflow direction. When you set the BC, you have to use this coordinate system's number and the appropriate velocity component. You can read all this in the Star-CD User Guide. I recommend to use it occasionally...

Hope this helps,


rajesh February 18, 2005 03:06

thank you volker
Thanks a lot volker

most of the time i use to create the domain mesh in prostar,this was the first time i have imported a mesh from ansys icem to prostar an done the analysis.your answer helped me a lot.

i will come back with more doubts.

Thanks and regards


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