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Mari February 21, 2005 12:24

double precission

I built a grid with 1,25 mio cells. The smallest cell side is at 2 microns. There is up to now nothing special, only an inlet and an outlet. I am working with V3.150 on red hat linux. Running in single precission, there is no problem, the result looks feasible. Changing to double precission, the produces strange outputs, something with executable name memory access fault >> EOD


Could someone give me a hint?

F.K. February 22, 2005 04:17

Re: double precission
You don't have enough working memory for double prescision.


nicola February 22, 2005 06:20

Re: double precission
how can I increase my working memory?

Brian February 24, 2005 05:13

Re: double precission
Only way I know is to buy more RAM.

The max RAM you can practically use in a 32 bit machine is about 3.5GB, but you can put a LOT more in a 64 bit machine.

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