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natesan February 23, 2005 04:17

impinging jet
I am trying to simulate a classical problem of a fluid jet impinging on a flat plate. My interest is to simulate the impinging jet heat tranfer. I have tried with low and high reynolds number k-eps models and RNG model. Y plus conditions specified for the models have been respected. The heat tranfer coefficient predicted by Star CD is less than that observed in experiments (reported literature). Have anybody attempted similar problem using Star CD. What special care is required to taken while selecting the turbulance model and the mesh for the proper simulation of the turbulance of the impinging jet?

yacine February 25, 2005 04:16

Re: impinging jet
k-eps is not the best model for this case its overpredict the production at the impingment you can find more info. about this in the literature see for example papers by Launder, Craft among others. better to use non-linear model or an RSM model if you have the version 3.2 of star

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