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Ben February 25, 2005 07:54

error message abot LES
I study in pipe flow by the method of Les form.I set two inlets and one outlet ,and turbulence model set by Les/smagorinsky.I try to mant times set transient form in the time domain,but Starcd always shows mess error. "analysis must be transient and catnot use upwind for velocities to use an LES turbulence model" I already set qick for differencing schemes,but starcd still show the same error message.How to solve the question? thank~

yacine February 25, 2005 09:23

Re: error message abot LES
you need to define the transient mode before you select the model. So: -unselect the model SMAGO turn of to laminar or something -select transient mode -select SMAGO model I wouldn't suggest that you use quick (too dissipative) use pure CD (value=1)

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