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Narmin March 4, 2005 10:07

force on one rotor blade
I am simulating an axial air turbine, the geometry was such that I had to make the grid for the whole circumference. It means that I am simulating the whole turbine. I am doing transient analysis and I want to get one rotor blade force on different time steps. The method that I have used is such that I have specified the wall boundary around the perimeter of one blade and in the monitor boundary options, I have selected forces item to get the force components on the blade, I have specified a rotational speed as the speed of rotors to the wall boundary. When I want to get the value of the force components for the specified blade by using the Edload or Edgraph commands, all of the values are zero. Is the method that I am using, wrong? Are there other methods in the code to get the force on one rotor blade?

Second question, I want ot make the entropy contours, is it possible to do it in Star-CD? An alternative way can be to make the contours by the entropy function, is it possible to specify a function and get the values of that function for different cells and make the contours?

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