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cmv March 13, 2005 09:31

a coefficients

Do you know which Star subroutine provides the 'a' coefficients.

I know there is one subroutine were you can change the blending factor. But some times it is usefull to set your own differencing schemes. For instance you would like to set your own boundary conditions for different scalars. Say set to zero flux scalar 1 at this face of these cells or set a fixed concentration of scalar 2 at these faces or let scalar '3' cross this face only by diffusion, etc...

In CFX is a common way to set your own boundary conditions, and is very simple. I haven't find a way of doing it in Star CD. Although I am sure it is possible.

Could you please help me out?



Richard March 13, 2005 14:49

Re: a coefficients
STAR encapsulates the coefficients: you don't change their values directly but, for example, you can specify the boundary conditions and these will influence the coefficients. So if you wanted to set the boundary conditions on a scalar in a way which the "standard" models doesn't allow, look at the subroutines like BCDEFW and MODSWF.

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