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sankar March 14, 2005 06:49

baffle boundary

I am simulating heattransfer between two fluids seperated by baffle. I am giving counducting baffle boundary condition with resistance. I am not getting the proper temperature distribution. Should I re ally go for conjugate heat transfer or the baffle will suffice.


Jirka March 15, 2005 06:48

Re: baffle boundary
Conductive baffle boundary condition is suffice for this purpose. Because I do not know your geometry and problem setting I can not advice you the correct setting.

sankar March 16, 2005 00:08

Re: baffle boundary
I am trying to simulate heatransfer between refrigerant and air in a condenser. I have modelled refrigerat, air and seperated by baffle cells for the tube portion and fins.turbulent flow with ke is assumed. inlet conditions of refrigerant 68C and 14.8 bar

air 40C 1 atm

after analysis temperature for a length of 300 mm is reduce to 20c how this is possible ie refrigerant is cooled below air temperature.

Jirka March 16, 2005 04:54

Re: baffle boundary
In my opinion, this is not caused by baffle cells. Problem is probably in boundary setting. 20C is Star CD standard setting (e.g. inlet temperature for pressure boundary). If you forget to change it, interesting things can happened. On the other hand some differential schemes make me problems during temperature calculations (but in these cases the temperature is increasing more and more over the boundary values). PS. Have you got some warnings in your *.info file?

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