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Chris March 29, 2005 10:03

Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
I have been having some trouble importing a model from Fine/Turbo to Pro-Star using an iges file. The splines get, for lack of a better word, jumbled. Is there a better approach via another file type, etc.? Thanks.

Pauli March 29, 2005 10:44

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
The most robust way to handle IGES is with a trip through pro-surf.

Chris March 29, 2005 11:31

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
Thanks for the help. I've been having troubles getting pro-surf to run on our new machine, so once I hear back from adapco, I'll try that out. Thanks.

Tom March 29, 2005 14:55

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
I have had trouble with igs and prosurf. I have run an iges through prosurf, had no errors. When I brought it into proam a surface check showed several hundred errors. I have found that importing in an stl file, writing lines and then resurface is a faster way. Adapco hasn't been able to help me with this yet.

Good luck, Tom

Pauli March 29, 2005 16:12

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
I should have elaborated - this is the process I use.

Import the IGES to pro-surf.

Run the auto repair & hand fix as required.

Apply a surface grid.

Write a dbs file.

Import the surface grid into pro-am using the dbs file.

Continue with the normal pro-am process.

I do not import IGES into pro-am/prostar.

Tom March 29, 2005 17:16

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
That is the process that I tried to use also. Unfortunately, prosurf wants to put out a surface that is totally closed. So if the surface has slots or something of that sort, it will put a surface over it. I had an adapco tech sit at my desk and try it too. He was not able to get it to work either. I have also tried using the star insert in Pro/E. That hasn't worked for me either. I am not sure, but it could very well be an operator/equipment mismatch problem. Tom

Pauli March 29, 2005 19:26

Re: Importing iges from Fine/Turbo
I don't understand your statement that prosurf wants to put out a totally closed surface.

Just last week, I used prosurf to grid a group of selected surfaces & wrote the grid into a dbs. The surfaces were not closed - acutally one was not even connected to the rest.

The only thing that comes to mind is that the tolerances are set too large and the auto repair process is removing small details.

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