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Lee April 3, 2005 12:33

A strange problem
Dear all,

I have met a strange problem, this is as follows:

I tried to use RSM turbulence model to simulate the propagation of a single pulse in a straight round pipe (whose diameter is 25mm), I only simulated quarter of it. I defined pressure boundary in inlet region, pressure boundary in outlet region and defined the flow as a compressible transient flow. The version of star-cd is 3.20. I used subroutine to read the pressure data for the inlet region for about 100 time steps.

I found that star could use subroutine to read the pressure data from the subroutine, but the simulated results were not correct, the simulated pressure values were irrelavent with the input data when I monitored the pressure values at the inflow reigon. When I used other turbulence model, it didn't come out the same problem.

What reason is it to cause that problem?

I am very grateful to your help!

Yours, Lee

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