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novice April 8, 2005 05:19

trimmed mesh
Hi All,

I am doing trimmed mesh in pro*am. In that I want partitions in volume, means I want to distinguish some regions with distinct partition though connected. Those are rotationg and atationary domains. So I can couple them creating independantly.

Kindly guide how to create partitions in trimmed mesh.


Kevin April 11, 2005 21:37

Re: trimmed mesh

Use shells to seperate the regions, it might mean that you have to do two seperarte trimms for each volume and then cpar them using shells or what we call Cp Match planes. Here is a nice button to bring two domains together,

cpta 100 arbi

cset news type 10 !Shell of one Volume

cset add type 20 !Shell of the 2nd volume

vset news cset

cset news vset face

cset subs fluid

cshell 10 cset

cshell 20 cset

cpar shell 10 20 !10 Must be the smaller one

Jörn Beilke April 12, 2005 04:34

Re: trimmed mesh
You are not allowed to have couples at the interface between fluid/solid, fluid/porous and steady/rotating at MRF calulations. So it is probably not the best idea to go this way.

alex April 12, 2005 20:31

Re: trimmed mesh
well, extrude the layers in between

Kevin April 12, 2005 20:43

Re: trimmed mesh
Thank You Alex, I left that part out, when you trim with thoose planes make sure you allow a subsurface. You can do one of 2 things, have the core mesh spin 2 and the extrusion layer spin 1 which you couple to the other domain, but then face 7 8 of a trim cell might be attached to the extrusion layer, the cure is to "cmre cset" but the trick is to get those cells in your cset by doing a geom write to an ofile and making a list you can ifile, but the other option is to do a cmro 1d on the extrusion layer of that plane, then you will have a 1 to 1 connection between spin and no spin.

lavendar April 18, 2005 03:32

another question about grid
dear all

now I encounter a problem about layer, I have never dealtwith such a problem, detailed like following:

In generate mesh->mesh tools->cell quality checks the result show that face area exist6errors, volume exist 8 errors and Tet Quality exist 9 errors.Now I can not completely understand these, I beg to be helped, thanks!

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