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saang May 13, 2005 15:22

VOF and Droplet Formation

Now, I am solving "Droplet formation" problem by using free surface model in Prostar. But,the formation shape is still not right, while it jets out. What should I do?

Is anybody here trying to solve "Drolet Formation (a single droplet coming out of nozzle)" in Prostar? Please tell me some experience or let's discuss.

4xF June 7, 2005 03:59

Re: VOF and Droplet Formation
Concerning your problem, you should be aware that all simulations codes tend to have the same problem with surface tension modeling when using the Continuum Surface Force method (which is the case for STAR-CD) and when the surface tension forces are higher or in the same order of magnitude as the convective forces. The numerical discretisation creates so-called parasitic currents (See also the review article of Scardovelli & Zaleski, 1999) which may influence the flow pattern. These velocities are not physical and may lead to a false solution. This may be eventually the case in your simulation.

Hope this helps you further...

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