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Arnab May 24, 2005 18:23

Need Similar Combustion Tutorial as my model
Hello ,

My colleague and me are trying to do a combustion problem in a rotor with 20 passages where in fuel-air mixture is sent in from one port to the passages and there is another port for hot gas injection.

when the stoich fuel meets the hot gas injection, there should be combustion taking as the conditions are favourable and as the combustion model specified. But we are not able to get the combustion.

We looked at the combustion tutorials which comes with the installation CD and they are mostly PPDF models and tutorials having combustion using ignition cells.

But my model is Unpremixed/Diffusion Combined time scale model with no ignition cells but combustion due to hot gas injection (assuming it is possible).

So we need a similar combustion tutorial so that I can setup my model along the same lines.

Would be waiting eagerly!!!

Thanks and Regards, ARNAB

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