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sam June 8, 2005 12:31

user sub Routine
We are using starCD 3.22( windows version) with AbsoftProfortran 8. The problem is the solver is not running with usersubroutines. When I tried to run my case it stopps with the follwoing message:

PNP: Overload STAR master processor with external moving mesh code. PNP: Assigned "sam,1" to STAR solver (1 process). PNP: Assigned "sam,1" to external moving mesh code (1 process). PNP: Analyzing User coding in "ufile" directory. PNP: compiling /i//bin/f77 -O2 -f -v -N3 -N26 -N25 -Q101 !Q19 -c dropro.f -o windows-x86-absoft_8.2a-dso/dropro.obj PNP: /G/PROGRA~1/CDADAP~1/STAR-CD/bin/star: /i//bin/f77: No such file or directory PNP: ***ERROR*** Compilation error in user file "ufile/dropro.f". PNP: ==> Please check the compilation error messages.

Please let me know what shall I do rectify this? You Please let me know How to set environment Variables?My starCD installation details are:

c:\program Files\Cd adapco\... absoft fortran: c:\absoft80

But the case is running fine without user sub routines in ufile.

tomosada June 8, 2005 21:07

Re: user sub Routine

It recommand that absoft_8.2a version for compiler subroutine.

Sven June 11, 2005 12:37

Re: user sub Routine

you need to create an environment variable called ABSOFT with the values c:\absoft80 and put %ABSOFT%\bin into your path. If you open a new command prompt and enter "set" or "echo %ABSOFT%" and "echo %PATH%" you should see the correct contents.


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