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NALLELI July 12, 2005 13:57

Trouble with meshing in Pro-am
Hi all

The problem i'm faced with is as follows

im creating the mesh of the geometry using the Mesh wizard, in step 3 (Generation of subsurface) u specify the cell type that determine the inlet and outlet of the flow (it seem to go well). when i get to the final stage of Generating the assembly of the mesh, (outer and inner layer) the outlet and inlet of the mesh are meshed as if they were wall, and they appear to have 'Zero Face area' and 'Negative Volume Failure'. I have tried several times remeshing the geometry with different cell values and subsurface thickness, but i still have the same problem.

What can i do to avoid this?

Volker July 13, 2005 03:41

Re: Trouble with meshing in Pro-am
I don't use the wizard, but it sounds to me that you need to specify your inlet and outlet when you create the extrusion layer. Proam 3.24 (without the wizard) recognizes these cells automatically. I think in the older versions you have to delete the appropriate cells in the 'surface for extrusion'.

Hope that helps,


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