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Bryan July 18, 2005 09:41

Unsteady Simulation
So we all know that Star's idea of unsteady calculation is a series of steady calculations with a time step. It also cannot handle meshes with cyclic boundaries that don't line up.

I am doing a unsteady calcualtion of a turbine vane-blade interaction. Due to the number of vanes and blades, the LCM of the two would be to model half of the entire arc. That would be 10x10^(a really big number) cells; this is far too many, even with 10 nodes of processor. I am squishing two blades to fit into one vane (because they are close) by fixing the mass flows. This process used to be done a lot in the old days.

Any ideas of how to do this would help.

John Luo July 19, 2005 06:19

Re: Unsteady Simulation
Just a note that STAR-CD can handle non-matching cyclic boundaries ages ago.

Bryan July 19, 2005 21:31

Re: Unsteady Simulation
Is there anything special that i need to do besides set the time step and turn on the transient analysis?

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