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Siraj August 4, 2005 00:47

CFD project
i'm doing masters in internal combustion interested in doing my project in CFD.suggest me regarding this...thank you.

Garryx August 8, 2005 02:07

Re: CFD project


karthi September 9, 2005 04:37

Re: CFD project
i'm doing UG in mech engg. im interested in doing my project in CFD. suggest me regarding this... thank you.

Srinivasa Rao M November 13, 2005 13:10

Re: CFD project
temperature and Pressure Distribution in the inlet ducts for the Dorsal Unit of Aircraft using STAR-CD,and the design of bottom and top ducts for that.

sachin lala December 8, 2005 07:16

Re: CFD project
hi sir

i m interested in cfd project please send more information about prject.i shall vary thankful for your kindness. regard


Sriivasa Rao M. December 8, 2005 11:57

Re: CFD project
Hai Sachin Lala, I am very thankful for the reply. My project details are "Flow through the S-shaped (square c/s throughout the duct)duct,Which is used in the Dorsal unit(which placed top of the aircraft) in aircraft. I have to analise the variation of velocity ,pressure,density etc.Based on that i have to find out the flow rate and dimensions of duct. I also analise why i have to take square c/s,w r the limitations with other c/s.

Please Help me. Thanks and regards, Srinivas M 9886346748

shankhar February 25, 2006 23:31

Re: CFD project
hai sachin, thanks for ur invitation...i have a problem and i would like to know how to proceed r analysis...and i want u to suggest a suitable solutions and package for it... the problem is we r doing our project in failure of economiser coil due flue gas and the water flowing thro it...can u help me in finding a solution and suggest..similarly what software say like Ansys or fluent can be used.....mail me ur reply, it is urgent....mail at or call me at 9865140705 TN... regards shankhar

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