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Harendra August 21, 2005 23:32

FORTRAN runtime error, Please help
Dear Experts,

I am having the following problem during runtime while doing tutorial 9.6.

? FORTRAN Runtime Error ? Attempt to read past end of the file ? READ(UNIT 37, ....

I am using STAR-CD 3.150A (Build 522) with ABSOFT FORTRAN 8.0 on Windows 2000.

Thanks and regards,


4xF August 22, 2005 03:55

Re: FORTRAN runtime error, Please help
It looks like that the STAR solver did not find the unit 37 at the start of the simulatin. Unit 37 is a reserved unit number which corresponds to the .drp file (contains droplet definitions like mass, position, etc...). Make sure that you have written this file out. Else the problem will appear again. Additional information about units and file extensions can be found in the user guide, appendix C.

Hope this helps....

Harendra August 23, 2005 00:02

Many Thanks but could you please tell me.....
Many thanks. Would you please tell me which document gives such information? I tried to find out by going through the USER's and Methodology guide but could not get it.

Thanks again.


4xF August 23, 2005 03:49

Re: Many Thanks but could you please tell me.....
The units and corresponding files extensions are documented in the user guide of STAR, appendix C. Well, for the rest, some guess work from the output of the runtime error....

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