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Alicia August 31, 2005 08:20

Creating Extrusion layer in ProAm w/ small geomtry
I am getting a message in my batch files as I attempt to extrude my extrusion layers from my extrusion surface. (dbs 21 to 22)

Extrusion surface edge [1417979,1433737] is defined in the same direction in cells 1347347 and 1347375.

I have a small geometry (a channel section area). This might be causing be trouble.

Any comments, help, pointing in a general direction would be appreciated.


Volker September 1, 2005 05:40

Re: Creating Extrusion layer in ProAm w/ small geo
Have a look at the two mentioned cells (and maybe the neighbouring ones as well). If you have a small section with a relatively coarse surface mesh it is possible that proam produces a subsurface in which the surface elements of two opposing walls touch each other (like in a kinked tube). You just have to refine the surface mesh in that area to get rid of that problem.

hope that helps.


Tom September 1, 2005 12:32

Re: Creating Extrusion layer in ProAm w/ small geo
I have been told by cd-adapco tech staff that this error is caused by a problem on the surface, such as a CP match error or something. It may be caused by the small surfaces because of the tolerances in proam. To fix this you can go back to your surface and use the vscale command to scale it up (example:vscale,all,,,1000,1000,1000 scales it up by a factor of 1000). Then go through the entire process of building your model again, remembering that if the subsurface size was 0.001, it will now be 1 if you scale up by 1000. Likewise, for the same scaling factor, when you write the geometry file you scale it back. For example, if the model was in inches, the scale factor would then be .0254E-03. These errors are my nemisis and I am not always sucessful in solveing them. Good luck!! Tom

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