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bk September 14, 2005 03:31

"Spherical coordinate mesh" error !!!
ctab,10,solid,3 ctname,10,junction csys,3 vc3d,0,15,5,0,360,10,-90,90,15,3 cset all cplo

I mesh spherical grid with radius=15.

But in Tool>>Check tool, I did some checking mesh in "Aspect ratio" option. Then I had error message, but these errors didn't apperar by changing the limit of aspect ratio. When I draw the cells with errors in cell set, I had two cones shpae.

How do I do?

Robert September 14, 2005 09:52

Re: "Spherical coordinate mesh" error !!!
When you build a mesh with the vc3d command using spherical co-ordinates the mesh may not be full connected at its ends. Therefore you will see errors referring to collapsed faces or aspect ratio.

To correct your mesh after the vc3d command use the following vmerge all ( this is dangerous but works in this scale of model) cfix,all,,,fix ( this corrects the cell definitions )

You should then be able to geom write without problem although this is a very course model!

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