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limingtiger September 20, 2005 19:43

error reading file
when i finished transient simulation, i try to read the pstt, but the error #250 happaned. i ran the trasient simulation after i have finished steady state running. how can i settle the problem?

Hubert Janocha September 21, 2005 09:13

Re: error reading file
It seems to be that your *.pstt file exeeds the size of 2 GB. Belonging to 32bit OS there is no remedy for this.

Instead of using the pstt file define a Backup-Frequenz in NavCenter, E.g. every 5 timesteps. Then star writes out a *.pst_<timestep> file, which is simply a *.pst file for that timestep.

Tom September 21, 2005 11:11

Re: error reading file
I did this by accident myself once, wrote a transient file larger than 2 GB. I used the utility star convert under the tools>convert>star convert drop down menu. Under Post file type select transient and that allows you to specify the number of time steps for the new file. Under output file type select binary again and give it a new name with the pstt extension. Then hit apply. Just a typical warning, make sure you make a backup of the file before you start messing with it. If you end up needing to run it again you can run for fewer time steps (a size you can open) and then restart off that file for the next set of time steps.


limingtiger September 21, 2005 20:31

Re: error reading file
thanks a lot.

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