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Anand October 7, 2005 06:55

Particle Tracks

I have solved a steady state flow simulation. I would like to plot particle tracks with 1. walls of fluid as transperrent with only one color display and 2. color of particle track should represent instantaneous velocity magnitude.

Also, if I choose ribbon option for plotting, I observed that particle tracks have infinite length irrespective of end time in GL mode. Can I adjust particle tracks length by controlling end time?

If anyone knows in details pl let me know

Thanks in advance Regards Anand

carno October 10, 2005 06:33

Re: Particle Tracks
Since you have solved steady state, your second statement is not going to work. You can not stop particles in between. They will go out from the out BC or end at walls.

Anand October 10, 2005 13:38

Re: Particle Tracks
Thanks for your reply.

But I observed that I could control length of particle tracks by controlling end time when I use streamline option instead of ribbon in GL mode

Anyway, thanks again Regards Anand

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